Vengeance upon the infidels!

I don’t often get the opportunity (or, admittedly, the inclination) to interact with players more than a significant distance from my particular realm of influence in Magnagora and the DisOrder of Morgfyre. This past month, we celebrated Lusternia’s seventh (!) anniversary, and boy, was it a whirlwind!

We saw several new games released of varying size – ghodak, tessera, darts, slots, and maybe that little thing you might have run across on an otherwise uneventful stroll through your org: Vengeance!

This was most definitely a labour of love, in no small part from Iosai’s slaving over the code to get it just so. Most of us were able to have our arms twisted sufficiently to help her bugtest, where needed (and by that, I mean that a trial game was made and we were on that like white on rice), and I think the final product is nothing short of spectacularly entertaining. A number of us enjoyed the game after having never played it before – a few of our number experienced it for the first time at the most recent IRE meet, subjected to a particularly talented, cruel witch of a narrator that made the game so enthralling that we decided something had to be done about it. Thus was Vengeance born!

A few brave Gods stepped up to give each Vengeance game a particular flavour suited to their org, and I really must say that I enjoyed that aspect tremendously, as much in writing one or two of them as in seeing player reactions to these historic (or futuristic!) spins on the environs they know and love. The game on Avechna’s Peak remains an anomaly for us, as it can only be run by Gods, and good grief, we have to play with mortals?!

I was initially apprehensive at the prospect of getting into a game that by nature necessitated a great deal of association with players, potentially from every org, faction, guild, and Order. In retrospect, I believe the first few days of Vengeance contributed to one of the greatest experiences I’ve had the privilege to undertake in Lusternia to date! I was rather pleasantly nonplussed at the camaraderie and good-natured ribbing present when dozens upon dozens of players congregated in one tiny room, ready to play this game. Kudos to everyone who wanted to have a good time!

In my own rambling way, I suppose that I’m just leaving this here for people to blab about Vengeance and the other goodies that were recently turned out by our fantastic coders, but also to give a big thumbs-up to the players for doing as we’ve intended all along and HAVING FUN! Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s nearly Halloween. Shikari and I are going to get into costume and steal candy from children. And by candy, we mean kidneys.

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