Revenge of the Miasma

The miasma that has been spread across the Basin of Life began a renewed and more vigorous onslought to reach the crystal sphere atop the ancient glacier, which was constructed by the Guardians of the Icewynd to stop the complete destruction of the weather which ultimately led to the Era of the Wounded Sky. One of these guardians, Wiliki, Justice of the Icewynd, warned that the efforts to thwart the Forsaken had indeed been keeping the miasma at bay. Thus, the Forsaken sought a more direct approach.


Once again, the ice devils have invaded the Basin of Life. Wiliki believes the ice devils are meant to help the miasma reach the crystal sphere. However, Wiliki said the crystal sphere itself could transmute the energies of the ice devils themselves, turning them into weapons to destroy the miasma.

But the miasma is now stronger than ever, growing at an ever increasing rate. Comets are crashing into the Basin of Life, bringing with them the ice devil invasion horde. Will the Basin unite to repel the invasion and destroy the miasma in time?

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