The Mystery of Mount Wend

In early spring of Kiani, as the snow ought to be melting, Agitho Merule came to New Celest, riddled with fever. It was not so quick to thaw on perilous Mount Wend, and the Saint Gathlyn’s orphanage was suffering for it.

Sir Raikogen Tanestra and Faragan Diluculo answered the call to serve the Light. Finding the orphans ill from lack of proper blankets, they stripped the snowcats of their mystic protects and slaughtered scores to convert into fur coverlets. Tired themselves from the labours under the ominous peak of Mount Wend, they soon retired to rest lest they become sick themselves.

For two, three days, all was quiet, till Nihta Eli’Silar heeded the call of Saint Gathlyn’s. Gathering a furrikin known only as Fay, he hurried to Mount Wend, finding the gate open and the wind itself protecting the wily snowcats.

Working quickly, Fay and Nihta struck down the snowcats. Turning to Denthon Tidesgift, they followed his instructions, activating the great wards of Saint Gathlyn’s to defend the orphanage from harm. As they did, a strange ghost rose from the ground, a taurian woman who vanished into the snowy reaches of the peak beyond the walls of the orphanage.

What new mystery has been unlocked on snowbound Mount Wend? What of Semau Brokenhorn, gibbering and raging on his peak and the ghostly woman wandering the snows?

Only time will tell…

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