A Small Homecoming in Zoaka

Bodha, a humble crafter of ceremonial pipes who had decided to spend years in far off realms, researching and seeing creatures as well as sights unseen by many, is now once again a resident of the Zoaka, where he was born and raised. When his former location suddenly and mysteriously shifted to a much more hostile and freezing weather pattern, he saw the need to relocate or become merely a frozen corpse rather than the craftsman of rather considerable skill he is known as.

The road home would not be easy for Bodha, however, as it soon dawned upon him that his former home, a small cave of his own craft, had been sealed off by magma beyond his control. Not exactly a regular occurrence, but even once is regular enough to become a burden. Bodha took to Gaudiguch and pleaded for help, a plea which was heard by its citizenry, who also heard his tale of loss, and of the task in front of him, seeking to create a new home at a very specific location in the Zoaka. The people of Gaudiguch mobilized with haste, and even a few from Magnagora joined the group and sought out the location in mount Zoaka of which Bodha had spoken.

After many trials, including a rockeater not overly fond of volcanic rock and a group of rather fiery kanzakage cousins to this magnificent beast, Bodha finally managed to create his new home. He now sits in his cave, where he offers a bounty on kanzakage, the above mentioned proud cousin of the common rockeater. Bodha also shortly spoke about the elder beastmaster Hraxri, also found in the Zoaka, who has problems involving a very special lady…

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