Breaking the Miasma

For nearly a month, the Basin of Life anguished beneath the arrival of the strange, murmuring silver miasma that appeared in the Oleanvir Valley and spread quickly through New Celest and the Inner Sea, inexplicably reaching eastward. Relief was had at last when a figure appeared over the Snow Valley, alighting near the spherical crystal construct built by Loranara, Wisdom of the Icewynd during the first appearance of the Ice Devils, many years prior.

The new arrival identified himself as Wiliki, Justice of the Icewynd and comrade in arms to Loranara as a Guardian of the Icewynd, a land far from the Basin of Life. Their conflict with the beings identified as Forsaken had once more spilled over into the Basin. The miasma, sent by the Forsaken, attempted to seek eastward, in an effort to destroy the crystal within the Snow Valley that acted as the last bastion of defense against the sky becoming wholly torn asunder.

Onlookers quickly gathered as Wiliki assessed the situation, informing them that although he wept for them, a weapon had already been dispatched to do away with the miasma. Almost immediately, a glittering shape soared across the firmament, identifiable as a massive, icy comet homing in on the bulk of the miasma to the west. Those behind the miasma responded in kind as the silvery mist surged, shattering the comet into countless fragments.

Wiliki, undaunted, quickly laid a magical enchantment upon the crystal, enabling it to generate feathers formed of snow that possessed the ability to seek these fragments out, in the hopes of creating an item that could be used to destroy the miasma. Many set out to initiate this chore, though it was Archmage Phoebus Skyplume of the Aeromancers who first completed the deed and returned to a proud Wiliki to inform him of her success.

Despite adversity, a way to combat the insidious miasma has been realised, and Wiliki, Justice of the Icewynd stands custodian over the crystal in the Snow Valley, ready to guide those intrepid adventurers who would marshal under him and begin clearing the mist from their lands.

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