The Coming of the Miasma

A terrifying event occurred that some claimed were foreshadowed by the strange dreams that were plaguing the people of the Basin of Life for several months. The temperature suddenly dropped and a cold wind turned the sickly yellow clouds of the wounded sky into swirling maelstrom. Within the putrid storm, glowing red eyes appeared, surrounding the entire Basin and peering in. As the churning clouds spit forth small forks of forth black lightning that crawled among the churning sky, thunder boomed in rhythmic patterns, sounding like a chant. Some observers swore that they could make out the words, “SEEK AND DESTROY,” in the rhythmic patterns of the thunder. Suddenly, the wind and the clouds suddenly vanished but a miasmic white fog hovered above before contracting in on itself and sinking down into the Oleanvir Valley.

Miciah Ves’ril, a Cantor from Celest, was the first to find the murmuring miasma, in the heart of the Oleanvir. Upon investigation, the miasma could not be harmed, though its touch was extremely painful. More alarmingly, it began to spread at an incredibly fast rate, though eventually slowing down. It seemingly seemed to grow in predominantly one direction, which unfortunately meant that it made its way through New Celest.

Now, there is nothing to do but wait and see what happens with this disturbing new entity.

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