We’re All Human

I know what you’re thinking—the divine? “All human”? Preposterous! After all, they do so much work for the game, how can they possibly have lives beyond it?! And we’re flattered, trust me, but it’s true: Not all of us are automatons devoting full capacity and resources to Lusternia (except maybe Eventru). Even Estarra likes to go out and watch theatre from time to time, and she’s the producer!

Some of us lead very active work lives. We’re out there in the office, we have bills to pay, and we have families to feed. Others of us attend universities and colleges where the majority of our days are spent in classrooms and lecture halls. Sometimes we even have homework and have to study for exams. It’s a tough life, being a volunteer admin or paid staffer on Lusternia! We’ve had ephemerals come up and burn out because they can’t manage their time between the game and real life. Some old gods stepped down because real life simply became too busy—and I’m sure many old players sympathise. Fain is soon to be married; he’s still around, but I’d be shocked and appalled if he paid more time to Lusternia than to the future Mrs Fain!

Despite all this, we do our best to keep up with players and the game. Sometimes we might not answer your messages right away, and sometimes it takes a little longer for a guild request to be processed and implemented. We really appreciate your patience and understanding in these matters, because we really do want to work with you, the players, in enhancing the Lusternia experience. We just occasionally have other obligations, too—school, work, hobbies…

…or meeting up with Sior at the bar after a particularly grueling final exam.