War, Butterflies, Strange Smells, Secrets and Snow

As war broke out between Hallifax and an alliance between New Celest, Glomdoring Commune and Gaudiguch, raids upon the Cosmic Plane of the Continuum resulted in the destruction of the Master Crystals. Afterwards, not seen since the Taint Wars, Gaudiguch initiated Project Paradox, releasing a cloud of reality-altering butterflies that swarmed over the floating city of Hallifax. Strangely, a small group of butterflies broke off and entered the Caoime Dell and then flooded the Wydyr Glade. Though the butterflies soon dissipated, something strange occurred, as an enormously foul smell began emanating from Caoime Dell. Eventually, an ancient slaugh crone known as the Dowager Shelagh Shee-Slaugh appeared. The Dowager explained to a gathering of adventurers that she was summoned to deal with the strange stench. Viynain, Shuyin Ysav’rai, Lehki Talnara, Elodres Dilculo, Arath of Gaudiguch among others, assisted her in combating this bizarre threat of smells. Eventually, the group led by Viynain, helped the Dowager and learned of some dark secrets within the Wydyr Glade.

By complete coincidence, a blizzard of epic proportions blew in from the north, sending comets of ice to hail upon the Basin of Life. Rumours began to circulate that the comets carried small creatures though such a ridiculous concept was largely scoffed at. Whatever the case, the unnatural cold persists and continues to trouble life in the the Basin.

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