Winter’s End

As the strange icy weather worsened, the comets kept pelting the Basin of Life, releasing ice larva which through several stages of growth grew into hideous creatures known as the ice devils. As crops began to wither and the cold began to take its toll, the ice devils began to spread throughout the land. Some believed they were invading to conquer the people of the Basin. Others believed they were searching for something.

After several months, a being named Loranara, Wisdom of the Icewynd, appeared among the glacial peaks of Avechna’s Peak. Next to her was an enormous crystal in the ice. She revealed that she came from lands far away. She warned that a terrible force had changed the weather patterns, enabling the ice devils to be sent here by their masters. The crystal was a magical construct that would be able to turn the weather patterns back to normal, stopping the ice devils from continuing their invasion.

For days, the people of the Basin of Life fought the ice devils, using their essence to empower the crystal construct. Finally, the crystal was activated, banishing the foul weather and stopping the ice devil invasion. Slowly, the weather patterns returned to normal, and the last remaining ice devils were hunted down and destroyed.

Before Loranara, Wisdom of the Icewynd, returned to her distant lands, she revealed that the name of the dread masters who controlled the ice devils were known simply as the Forsaken. Unable to acclimate to the temperate climate, she returned to the Icewynd, leaving behind the crystal sphere as a possible means of contact between the two lands at some point in the future.

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