Trial of Ascension: Rise of Ayridion

Of the Nine Seal Bearers who won the great challenges, four main contenders vied to hold the Staff of Ascension so that the realm would be safe from Kethuru: Shorlen of Serenwilde, Daevos of Magnagora, Soll of New Celest, and Kaervas of Glomdoring. Though Shorlen controlled the Staff of Ascension for much of the beginning of the challenge, and then it subsequently switched hands repeatedly afterwards, it was finally Soll of New Celest, through his nimbleness, strategy and sheer determination, who finally held the Staff of Ascension long enough to claim victory. Holding the Staff of Ascension burned Soll’s body to ash, out of which rose the first Ascended God, Ayridion the White Flame.

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