Tainting of the Fae

Magnagora embarked on a dangerous experiment to create new race of tainted fae. For almost a year, they were pitted against Serenwilde, but in the end they succeeded in infusing the Demon Lord Gorgulu with the essence of Spirit Moon and creating tainted fae. However, the experiment got out of control as cosmic and nature magics were anathema to each other. Though hundreds upon hundreds of tainted fae manifested and Magnagora grew in power as the Basin was slowly being tainted, Gorgulu began to devour the other Demon Lords. Finally, the Nihilists and Moondancers had to set aside their grudges and work together to destroy Gorgulu. In the end, the Moon Avatars grew in power and Gorgulu was slightly altered, much to the interest of the Nihilists.

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