Defeat of Kethuru

The situation seemed bleak in Luternia with Kethuru establishing a link to work his powers through Viravain. Estarra herself could not destroy Kethuru/Viravain because doing so would destroy everything as Kethuru’s essence was trapped behind the fabric of creation on the Astral Plane. Meanwhile, Viravain/Kethuru was visiting havoc upon Lusternia, sending fragments of himself in the form of hideous abominations upon its peoples and battling the Elder Gods themselves. Putting aside their differences, the people of the Basin of Life came together to find a solution to retrieving the fragments of the shattered Seal of Nature that would raise Avechna and sever the link. Though the situation seemed bleak as Viravain/Kethuru had consumed the shards of the Seal of Nature, the greatest minds in Lusternia finally figured that out the solution rested in the Astral Plane. The shards had traveled down the link from Viravain and into Kethuru’s main body where they could be extracted through the energy nodes on the astrospheres. When all twelves shards were recovered, the Elder Gods came together to raise Avechna. Unfortunately, there was not enough power in the reformed Seal of Nature for Avechna to sever the link even after the Elder Gods had drained all their energy into it. It was only until the Elder Goddess Isune, also known as the Wings of Compassion, sacrificed herself that the link could be severed, her essence becoming trapped behind the Nine Seals along with Kethuru. Creation was saved but the price of victory was too high for celebration.

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