In the month of Klangiary, 232 years after the coming of Estarra, the Dwarves of Rockholm and Southgard celebrated the ancient dwarven festival of Klangfest in an unusual display of racial solidarity. All the peoples of the Basin were invited to commemorate the arrival of the legendary Beloch Baruwski, and it was there that the Dwarves imparted the ancient secrets of clangoru brewing to the winner of the Klangfest bawdy song tournament. Though Lendren Starfall won the contest with his bawdy song, "Fourplay", he gave up his prize to the runner-up, Sylphas of the Spiritsingers for his song, "Wild Witches".

The skilled Brewmeister is known not just for his or her teas and beers, but for their astonishing constitution. Due to the skill's inherent nature, it is suited only for bards who practise Lowmagic.