Secrets of the Admin

Death, by Esei. Stylised as a tarot card, this artwork is of the Goddess Viravain. It depicts Viravain, a female Divine with white hair and a black robe, wielding a scythe. It is framed by a green border that reads: XIII - Death.

Our God Blog series is back with an investigation by our delightful Viravain – who has spun Her webs into the secrets of many of our wonderful Divine.

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Glory be to Glomdoring

I’m back. Sort of. I’m not any Viravain’s you’ve ever known. When you take on a role larger than yourself, one where multiple very talented players have added the cumulative weight of experience and history over the course of Lusternia’s operating history, it’s hard to fill their shoes. So the best way to do that,…

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