June Wheel Fortunes

For the month of June, we have Iron Coins available to purchase from the website! You can spin these coins at the Wheel of Tzaraziko found at the Cave of Chaos. Additionally, playing for at least an hour on a given day will allow use of a free spin – SPIN WHEEL FREE! Check out HELP IRON COINS for more information.

There are new things in Fortune Cookies, which come from the Wheel, this time around too (HELP FORTUNE COOKIE)! There is a whole set of new tongue studs inspired by racial languages, a few new fortune mantles, and a handful of new crowns of mastery. All the new options have a higher chance of occuring from Fortune Cookies than other fortune artifacts this June. You can check out all the new options under HELP STUDS, HELP MANTLES, and HELP MASTERCROWNS respectively. Studs are in their own category (all 14 of them!) but here’s also a quick breakdown of the new mantles and crowns:

  • Mantle of Lost Breath (Asphyxiation)
  • Mantle of Storms (Electricity)
  • Mantle of Venom (Poison)
  • Crown of the Enclave (Emerald Enclave and Aegis of Vestara)
  • Crown of Thalassic Depths (Namiraa Trench)
  • Crown of the Eater (Gaaglin Swamp)
  • Crown of the Academy (Gorlognal Academy)
  • Crown of the Passages (Northern and Southern Passages of UV)
  • Crown of the Tunnels (Illteeth Tunnels and Razine Tunnels of UV)
  • Crown of Eternity (Project Eternity)

The website also have two other offerings: Aethergoop Jars and Wonder Crates. The first come with aethergoop, coins, and presents, while the latter with wonder crystals and presents. A great way to stock up on goop or wondercrystals should you require them, and get extras alongside them.

Last but not least, throughout June you can enjoy Tzaraziko’s Unexpected Thursdays which will yield a bonus to critical hits!