Iron Coins are a special currency usually received through monthly promotions, but can also be won or found in other sources throughout Lusternia. Each coin earns you one spin on the Wheel of Tzaraziko. The Wheel is located in the Cave of Chaos upon Avechna's Peak, and aptly so, because its blessings and awards are just as chaotic! You might get credits, artifacts of all kinds, aethergoop, orgbuffs, and more!

Have a coin in hand, then just SPIN WHEEL and try your hand. You can respin if you didn't like your result up to twice. Once you like your result or can't respin anymore, just SPIN WHEEL INNER to spin the inner wheel to get your prize!

NOTE: To specify a coin, you can do SPIN WHEEL <search> [INNER], e.g. SPIN WHEEL 12345, SPIN WHEEL IRON INNER. You can also specify a free spin with SPIN WHEEL FREE.