March Report Cycle

We’ll be opening reports later this month but before we do so I’d like to ask for feedback on the current report format. Chiefly the issue of anonymity of report comments and current discouragement of open report discussions. We could make comments visible after reports close but perhaps still keep them anonymous. We could also once again encourage collaboration. There are also other report variables we could adjust, like length of phases, etc.

This upcoming cycle will feature both combat and QoL reports but we will lower the amount of reports from 3 to 2 per person to make them more manageable for review and implementation.

This announce post will auto-generate a forum post, please leave your feedback there or message me personally if you would like to do so in a more private manner. I know how much you all dislike posting on forums instead of Discord, but for something like this, we need focused feedback and a more structured debate that won’t have anyone miss out on the arguments being made, or require them to read through a week’s worth of chatter to get caught up. We’ll make a decision after March 10th.

Forum post is here.