Roadmap and a Meeting

Later this week, on Friday (July 21st, 10pm GMT) we will be posting our roadmap for the rest of the year and a general status update on the goings on in Lusternia. We will be tackling topics such as a Year Arc, Ascension, Admin Requests, the various pending coding projects (such as Alliances, Economy, Conflict), our volunteer staff, and more.

After this update is posted, I invite you all to join us on the Lusternia Discord in the Feedback channel where we’ll discuss the post and any questions you may have. The meeting will start an hour after the post is made (July 21st, 11pm GMT) so you have time to consider it and what questions you wish to ask. If you miss the meeting, the whole thing will be in a separate thread in Feedback so you will be able to catch up. If you have any questions not already answered there, I will make myself available throughout the weekend as well.

Hope to see you there!