Adventure is for the Brave

The call came out on the 21st of Kiani, in the year 648 after the Coming of Estarra: I am looking for an adventurer. Come find me at the Triple Junction Inn.

And indeed, adventurers arrived to find none other than Tapif the Furrikin, an adolescent of mildly mysterious origin, seeking to go on an adventure of his own. Striking out from… wherever he was from, he found himself in the company of several adventurers, including Iazin Stormcrow, Eiselle Mes’ard, Khnemu Dahyu, and Tonatiuh al-Saaoud. Explaining that he had grown up reading stories such as Lolly Pringle’s account of the Taint Wars, and other dramatic tales of bravery and heroism, he beseeched those gathered to help him experience the same, to learn, and maybe have an adventure of his very own one day. Many options were discussed. Vengeance? That was just another game of pretend, Tapif explained. A pastry revolution? Although Tapif asked for more clarification, it would never come. Murder, Vernal artifacts, Grimkeep, the hordes of the Astral plane, and many other options were mentioned, but none seemed to avail. That is, until the foxkin furrikin began to tell them the tale of how he came to be at the inn.

Those gathered learned that Tapif had recently been chased down by a tall, hairy orc wielding a cleaver. With quick deduction work, Eiselle, Iazin, and Khnemu would take Tapif the Furrikin to the Village of Acknor, to get to the bottom of this. With Eiselle as lookout, Khnemu and Iazin would confront none other than the village’s butcher, who conveniently had just such a cleaver. Detective work would follow, and although the furrikin adolescent could not positively identify the man who had tried to hunt him down, they were certain. Intimidation, bribery, theft, and even murder would all be involved in this heart-pounding story Tapif would be sure to remember forever. When it was all said and done, they would all return to the Triple Junction. It was here that Tapif would begin learning how to truly be an adventurer. With a questionable beverage made of ‘Bourb apples,’ they celebrated his success. Satisfied, Tapif would take his rest at the inn, with thoughts of the day imprinted on his memory forever: “Being brave is about facing your fears.”

But that would not be the last that was heard out of him. On the 14th of Dioni, the Basin of Life would hear the loud sound of a steel trap coming from the area of Balach Swamp. Here, adventurers would find Tapif – now deeming himself the Adventurer – stuck inside of an alligator trap designed by the mugwumpi researchers. As the trap slowly sank into the mud, it was clear to those gathered that they did not have much time. Thinking quickly, Huskii Myeras, Khnemu Dahyu, and Romaan D’Varden worked to try to get him out of the strange, cylindrical trap. Try as they might, the trap was too caked in mud to find a means of opening it, and not even Huskii could dig far enough into the layers of sediment to find a way to move it.

Fortunately, the researchers provided the information necessary, and after clearing the muck off the trap, a pin was discovered which would open the mechanism. The trap snapped apart violently, but Tapif was safe, if a little shook up. The mystery did not end there. Tapif explained that he stumbled into the trap after hearing creepy whispers, and seeing a ‘twisted creature’ that looked almost like an alligator… but was not. Balach Swamp is no stranger to peculiar occurrences, but his report of events left people wondering: had he really seen something in the swamp, alone? A monster? The truth was out there.

Although thoroughly creeped out and frightened, Tapif would seek adventure elsewhere. This time it would be mountains, something more physically challenging, and less covered in mud. Destinations were suggested for Tapif’s newest foray, and it was Khnemu who would suggest Tapif’s ultimate destination: Irshaw Heights. Upon learning that tae’dae were settled there, how could a foxkin resist?

Just two days later, the 16th of Dioni, shouting could be heard coming from the Razines, growing louder and louder. Having found the Heights, Tapif was now causing trouble for the patriarch, Rumberry Irshaw. Rumberry, evidently famous for his story-telling among the tae’dae youth, had captured the young Adventurer’s attention, and he would not be swayed. Rumberry, meanwhile, was absolutely opposed to telling any stories, let alone telling a free-loading foxkin furrikin any of them. Xenthos An’Ryshe, Qoivhae Vivalde, Huskii Myeras, Fair Galaphyrae – and once more, Khnemu Dahyu, who was by now quite familiar with the furrikin’s antics – would come together to help Tapif hear one of these infamous stories. Much to Rumberry’s chagrin, the combined effort of those who came to investigate was enough to defeat every obstacle he put in the way. Eventually, Rumberry insisted he would only read them to the tae’dae cubs, but even this did not stop them. Pressured, he had no choice but to read one of them, despite his better judgment. Tapif was thrilled, and decided to spend some time living there, in Irshaw Heights. The adventurers taught him how to build hiw own campfire, and even provided him with a tinderbox, and a wooden sword.

Things would quiet down in Irshaw Heights, and Tapif was more determined than ever to hear all the stories Rumberry Irshaw has to tell. And yet, many questions remained: Was there a serial furrikin-chasing orc somewhere on the loose? What ever happened to the stolen cleaver? What about the creature that was seen in the Balach Swamp, and the creepy whispers heard there? A byproduct of the already strange goings-on of the ruined mugwump homeland, or a portent of something sinister?

Last but not least, who is Tapif and where did he come from?