The Winter is Here

The Frost Spite is a little bit miffed with the Basin of Life for reasons that will be clear from a forthcoming event post, but as a result: snow!

Magnagorans will recognise this particular snow from some of their past winter balls and other snow-related shenanigans, but it is new for all the other organisations. You can find actual snow in outdoor rooms of your organisations if the environment makes sense for it to be there (urban and forest generally). You can shovel it, jump into it, and most importantly make snowmen!

The snowmen come in three variations: failures, epics, and common. Failures happen when you try to create something you cannot possibly reproduce for any reason. Epics are more difficult snowmen, usually of powerful or historic beings of the given organisation, or simply something rather complex. Common ones are, as the name suggests, common peronas or creatures of that organisation. Why are we explaining this? Because if you like, you can make suggestions for shapes to add on the forums! Divine and their priests and related creatures are the only shapes off the table. Suggest shapes for failures, epics, or commons and we’ll take a look once in a while and see what we can add.

The weather has been set to be colder across the entire Basin but not so much as to make travel too difficult. It’s just what cold enough for snow to exist.

Hope you enjoy!