Nexus 3.0 Going Live

Iron Realms will be transitioning our game websites from the Nexus 2 client to the Nexus 3 client at some point in the next 12 to 15 hours.

For those unaware, we have been working on a major update to the Nexus client. The new client offers a host of improvements including the following:

  • Desktop and mobile applications.
  • Speed and responsiveness improvements.
  • Access all IRE games from a single client.
  • Adjust settings while not logged in with your character.
  • Character management screens.
  • Auto-login options.
  • Improved character creation.
  • Improved window and tab management.
  • Connect to and play other MUDs.

The new client will be in the following locations:

Alternatively, you may use client or nexus instead of “play” in the URL.

If you DO NOT want to change clients, Nexus 2.0 is located here:

Alternatively, you can use oldclient or oldnexus instead of “legacy” in the URL.

IMPORTANT: Nexus 3 will import your Nexus 2 settings when you first login to your character. However, it does NOT overwrite your Nexus 2 settings. In other words, if you decide to use the Nexus 2, your settings and triggers will still be there, unaffected.

Depending on the complexity of your system, it is likely some of your settings and triggers will not transfer over to Nexus 3.0 correctly. We encourage you to join the Nexus Discord in order to get help if you need it. Here is the link to the discord:

You can find the current 3.0 wiki here: