April Treasure Hunts

Do you know Lusternia’s every nook and cranny? Are you a truly accomplished Explorer? We’ll see! In April we’ll be hosting two treasure hunts.

The first one will be easy, the second one hard. Comparatively at least! The goal of the first one is to provide a more gentle introduction to how treasure hunts work and how to puzzle out the right location from the clue. The second will be more challenging both on account of its more difficult clues and because it will require you to find the right denizens (who will all be made invulnerable for the duration) instead of locations.

Treasure Hunt I

Date: 16th April, 2pm GMT
Type: easy
Focus: locations on the Prime Plane

Treasure Hunt II

Date: 23rd April, 10pm GMT
Type: hard
Focus: denizens on the Prime Plane

Both treasure hunts will have the same prizes, which are as follows:

1st Place – 200 credits + uniquely skinned Silver Compass of True Directions
2nd Place – 150 credits
3rd Place – 100 credits

All participants will have until the end of the week following the hunt to pick up the hunt item and complete the treasure hunt. Everyone who completes the treasure hunt will be rewarded 50 credits (including those who place) and their hunt item will be made permanent.

One thing to keep in mind when preparing is that clues hardly ever include the exact word you will find in a room’s or denizen’s description. For example, the clue might be: “The wind carries herbal scents, broken fence revealing peaks of colour in this drab land, dimmed by the menacing shadow of a nearby crumbling behemoth.” This is room “a hidden clearing” in the Grey Moors. There are a few hints to this being the right place. “Drab land” suggests Grey Moors, “menacing shadow of a crumbling behemoth” is meant to conjure the image of Castle Djarrakh. Then for the exact room, the herbal scent is meant to point to the herbal garden which is an adjoining room and the room’s description suggests you can glimpse the herbs within, hence “peaks of colour”. The clue could allude to the history of the place, its people, geography, visuals, etc.

As for how treasure hunts are carried out in Lusternia, you always receive an item that serves as your guide. You usually have at least two ways of interacting with the item, which you will be able to see on PROBE. The first will show you the current clue, the second will verify if you’re in the right room for the given clue. The item will tell you if you’re in the right room and then roll the next clue. Everyone has the same clues but in a randomly generated order. The first person to figure out the last clue, wins. In some cases, and in these hunts as well, you will also have the option to reroll a clue once in a while to avoid getting stuck.