Escape Amongst Sunblasted Ripples

It was in Tzarin of Year 596 that strange, delirious visions appeared before the Basin of Life. Ones that warped Creation in sunblasted hues and slowly progressed into a loud blast, releasing mirific golden ripples throughout the Skarch Desert and Mount Zoaka. As adventurers rushed to investigate, they found a wavering tear hovering upon the slope along Mount Zoaka’s ascent. Wavering sights appeared to those who dared gaze beyond: golden volcanic gardens, a magnificent jungle beached amongst surreal colours, pallid orchards. These images were distorted, their colours spilling and flowing in insubstantial psychedelic forms.

While the gathered adventurers analysed the swirls of shimmering gold akin to an exquisite mirage, it was noted that the fractured landscape seemed to heal when the golden ripples were guided back towards the impact point. Fillirriqili Skydrifter was the first to manage to catch a ripple and add it to the tear. Many adventurers thus set to catch the elusive ripples freed all over, healing Mount Zoaka’s summits. Eritheyl Ryseni and Caliph Sulwh brought a veritable armload thanks to their expertise with the region, and it was eventually Evette Stormcrow who placed the final ripple, leading to more strange sights in the volcanic mountain heights.

As the tear passed from existence in a kaleidoscope of surreal colours, an island emerged with a reverberating humming sound to place itself upon Mount Zoaka. There, adventurers found Aleatriz Xiim, a dracnari involved in mysterious experiments dating back to the fall of the Empire. She explained that she became trapped in the qetakash’Sayi Island, created as part of an old project, and that she finally managed to return. She did ask about the state of the world and how the centuries passed, promising to explore on her own as well.

Aleatriz beseeched the assistance of the crowd gathered as the Glasswing Promenade still required care. Eritheyl Ryseni, Astrasia Strongleaf, Nialla Myeras, Regent Tyrus and Tridemon Regalis coordinated their efforts to efficiently restore the Glasswing Promenade to its former glory, being lead to the farthest reaches of the desert to gather specific charms and ingredients. It was finally Cheliyi who gathered the last blessings required to preserve the Glasswing Promenade, receiving Aleatriz’s praise for the group’s kindness.

One may wonder what secrets and intrigues are hidden in the ancient gardens kept by mysterious dracnari guardians, and why the Promenade’s landscape always seems one eye-blink away from fading into oblivion, or what purposes the old project served.