From the Gaudiguch Gossip – Special Edition: the Pavilion Exposed?!

What was an otherwise uneventful Klangiary would quickly escalate within the desert streets of Gaudiguch, as Beloch Baruwski spoke over the city aethers of a delicate situation having just been handled within the Wasted Wakabi. Upon the city’s arrival, carrying along some outsiders, Beloch hemmed and hawed as he placed heavy emphasis on the delicate situation that they had found themselves in. A realisation struck the outsiders quickly –this humble reporter believes a boot to the head would have been faster– and they returned to their home, and Beloch quickly lept into discussions of an altercation within the Wasted Wakabi he had sorted out just a few moments before.

Akubi Tloxcha, a low-ranking member of the Shibchoyi family, had been seen conversing with a strange, roguish beaver-kin and getting quite heated. Little surprise, Beloch would offer, as they spoke of gaining entrance to the Golden Pavilion: a hyper-exclusive club run by a mysterious woman known as ‘the Matron’ –if you’re reading, remember our bounty for an exclusive interview is still in effect, Matron!– which is only accessible by invitation. Though he had never received such an invitation, he urged Chundae Lunarose, Yire, Sulwh, and Citinia to investigate before what dangers the two could have been plotting would come to pass.

It was terribly unfortunate, then, that at that time the people of Delport and Stewartsville would engage –and it’s about time, the prices were completely unreasonable!– in economic brouhaha once more and incite the Hemp Wars. Though matters were dire, the eldest among the gathered ‘guchians quickly rushed to attempt to quell the matter into the favour of Gaudiguch, leaving Yire and Chundae to scour the city streets, on the lookout for anything amiss. What fortune should smile upon them that the very item they were searching for should be stumbled upon by a fairly nondescript citizen of Gaudiguch, who offered its rightful owner a chance to claim it before it was sold to purchase a new pair of boots.

Claiming their prize, an elegant pin with a strange bird upon it, Chundae and Yire were met at last by the return of Sulwh and Citinia. Between the four of them, they quickly realised they had no idea where to proceed next and ventured to the House of Enlightened Masters. Perhaps it was Yiratcho Chum’s tasteless innuendo of enlightenment through massage, but the secrets of the pin they held fell to an empty room –so he commented to this reporter!– as they quickly departed his residence to make their way towards the Palace of Pleasure. Sadly, the Madame of Solace became stiff-lipped and politely informed our heroes that they would be dismissed from the Palace if they did not leave of their own accord when the subject of the Pavilion was brought up.

At long last, the knowledge of Mesadari Rhiero, Keeper of the Eternal Flame was sought out. Though witnesses report the Keeper was “off her gourd entirely”, –under the effects of that mysterious pouch she refuses to share, no doubt!!– she nevertheless recognised the establishment which sold what she would later comment to be “thousands of pounds of cactus weed and more, babes”. Explaining how the pin should be utilised and what to seek out, the adventurers were then tasked to roam the city. Thankfully, Dys Mzithrei –that dashing Pasha who’s somehow both all hood and nothing but leg!– would emerge from the shadows and offer her aid. Under her quick step and vigilant eye, they soon passed across the entrance they sought and disappeared.

What happened next is beyond this humble reporter, but individuals near to the intersection at the Road of Rolling Rocks and the Dragon’s Scar reported a hurriedly fleeing woman in a tight skirt –they could not stop emphasising the tightness of her skirt, in fact– swearing about pirates, of all things. The seers trembled as the deaths of our adventurers were sensed in the beyond, and sure enough, the arrival of Afrit and Nepenthe Dahyu would bolster numbers in an attempt to sway whatever challenges within the Golden Pavilion found their attention! –If you ask me, they’re lucky more didn’t die with the Shibchoyi involved!–

On their return to Gaudiguch proper, however, this reporter was lucky enough to overhear a shopping list of strangely normal and yet peculiar items. They sought out ink, incense, and drugs! Though these could be perhaps the most commonplace of items to find within our fair city, they departed at night and it was not until the sun was high overhead in the sky that they were glimpsed returning and meeting near the Twisted Stairs.

It is my shame –and nearly a fireable offence!– that I missed what happened next, but they never seemed to cross past the Wasted Wakabi or the Dragon Scar Memorial Bridge again! To my fortune, however, I happened to catch sight of a peculiar beaver-kin in leather and silks strolling towards me without a care in the world as I paced the Twisted Stairs. Asking him if he might be the threat to our fair city that had Beloch so incensed and what he planned for our fair city, the young man responded –with a saucy wink!–, “I’m just here to negotiate and keep the peace.”

Though he quickly gave me the slip, this reporter waited until that night when he emerged: no longer carrying a bejewelled skull at his side, but tossing up and down in his hand what looked like the pointer piece of a compass! Who can say, Gaudiguch, what transaction has occurred? What was it like in the Golden Pavilion? Are the Shibchoyi really growing bold enough to threaten the city’s adventurers? Do you think that furrikin was single? You’d better believe I’ll be sniffing out as many clues as I can, folks!