The hunter, the heirloom, and the blizzard

During the early days of Shanthin, year 581, a strong wind surged through the Basin. Thick white clouds carried by the strong winds formed above Snow Valley, releasing a flurry of snow. As the blizzard grew stronger, a loud cry echoed from the valley, barely loud enough to be heard over the wind.

Sondayga Zayah and Olyphar Ryseni were the first to arrive in Snow Valley, but it was Parhelion Ceartas who was the first to find the young hunter lost amongst the snow. Aethen Shevat and Olyphar soon joined him as they offered assistance to help the hunter out of the snow. They discovered that the hunter had lost something very important and needed to find it before he left Snow Valley.

The group trekked through the snow, Jolanthe Myeras protecting the hunter and the group from the local fauna, finally reaching the destination where the hunter last remembered having his heirloom. The group and the hunter all searched around the frozen lake on the north side of the valley to no avail. Leaning against a large mound of snow to take a brief rest, the young hunter found himself crashing through the snow and into a cave, injuring himself in the fall.

Rekath Ryseni provided warmth for the hunter as Azazilliy and Jolanthe Myeras set out to recover the heirloom. They were unsuccessful but, sitting around the fire, Dannic offered insight into his activities before the blizzard. Taking note of that, several adventurers set forth to seek the missing item around the valley.

Azazilliy returned shortly after, presenting the hunter with a wooden figurine – the hunter’s lost heirloom – much to his relief. Sulwh, Rekath, and Olyphar remained behind to keep the hunter company for a short while, before leaving him to rest and recover. While Dannic has decided to remain in Snow Valley for the time being and attempt to self manage his injury, it is unclear when or if he will be able to leave the area any time soon.