New Artbard System is Live!

We’re delighted to announce that our Artbard system has now moved over to a whole new version, and is even better than before!

Some features and changes in this new system:

  • Search by artist/author, submission date, placement, or content!
  • Commas are no longer the enemy of titles and descriptions.
  • Artisanals must now be in JPG or PNG format, and may be no larger than 8MB.
  • Bardics are now uploaded via an in-browser editor.

Necessary updates have been made to the instructions on HELP ARTBARD, and you will also be given reminders of some of the upload requirements (e.g. file format) whilst submitting.

As part of moving over to the new system, we will be uploading past Bardics and Artisanals over the coming weeks, beginning with the most recent. If you do not see a previous work of yours at present, there is no need to alert us. We will get to everything as we are able.

Any submissions already made for September’s contest have already been added, as have those presently being judged in the August contest.

Lastly and most importantly – a huge thank you to the hard working coders and volunteers who have worked to get this up and running with such a quick turnaround!