The Founding of the L.L.L.P.A.C.

On the 6th of Roarkian, Year 556, voices and laughter echoed from the Northern Mountains, hinting at a joyful reunion. Ayisdra Ysav’rai arrived first to investigate the area. Tridemon Regalis, Kalas Vexacion, Esei, Adrien Shee-Slaugh, Xenthos An’Ryshe, Gurashi An’Ryshe, Kalas Ixion and Tortuga Damascene then also made their way through the mountains to join them.

Shufi Sunfar was embracing her sister, Nada Sunfar, who had forwarded news of her return as well as an invitation to join her after a long journey of exploration around the Basin of Life. While Shufi was addressing reproachful words and looks at Nada for leaving the work with her peers and her duties to the Collective, she was also intrigued by her sister’s newly undertaken projects.

Nada invited her sister as well as everyone gathered as her guests to assist to the unveiling of her atelier, the Lapis Lazuli Landscape Permanent Art Collection, otherwise known as the L.L.L.P.A.C. There, she was delighted to hear that other artists were present to appreciate her art and invited everyone to have tea with her while admiring her work. She spoke a few words about places that she visited and how her travels inspired the lapis lazuli landscapes of her collection. The crowd followed Nada through her gallery as she was still finding place to exhibit a few pieces of her art collection.

As the event was drawing to an end, Xenthos asked Nada if she needed any help with setting up her atelier, to which she gladly responded that assistance would be appreciated in helping to replenish her stocks of lapis lazuli pigment. Xenthos, Tridemon and Esei thus went to retrieve ingredients scattered across the Clarramore Cloud Gardens while Nada Sunfar was tending to her atelier, and was already planning the itinerary for her next expedition in Kiani.

Many promised to return to see how Nada was faring or to let their friends know about her atelier, to whom she answered that they would be very welcome.