Introducing Aonia


The story of Lusternia and the lore behind it is the most important aspect of it — we cannot stress that enough. When Orael and I were selected, we understood we would need a way to preserve that. Lusternia has a huge wealth of lore that no single person can hold in their minds. For this reason, all of the writing projects our volunteers undertake have always been overseen to ensure that we produce a coherent vision for the gameworld. We could think of no better place to turn for this task than the volunteers themselves. Out of the existing volunteer staff, one person came to mind, and the topic was brought up with all of our gods and ephemerals, who gave unanimous support.

So it is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that Czixi has accepted a position as our new Assistant Producer, Aonia. We are placing her into a position to facilitate events and lore creation with our volunteers, which she will undertake alongside her existing godrole. We will let her speak for herself regarding her credentials in an introduction post to follow.


Hello, Lusternia.

I want to begin by saying that I am deeply honoured by the trust that has been placed in me by Ianir and Orael. But most of all, I am honoured to stand beside the heart of Havens – its incredible volunteers – as we begin to lead Estarra’s great legacy onwards into the future.

I joined Lusternia as a player in 2007, and as many of us do, quickly fell head over heels in love. Here was a world that was deep, and beautiful, and full of people who wanted to tell stories within it. I couldn’t get enough – but not only that, Lusternia truly changed my life by providing me a safe place to love and laugh and dream.

This year – in fact, this very week! – marks my fifth year as a member of the Havens team. In those years I have served in two different Divine roles, and built several quests both major and minor. One of my greatest loves has been running events, and I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to help create everything from small releases to many Ascension-causing catastrophes.

I have also served as the co-lead of several volunteer departments, including (but not limited to) helping to oversee Ephemeral development, helping manage customer service, and reviewing volunteer progs and creations. Outside of Lusternia I am a published author and poet, currently studying for a MA in Creative Writing with the intention to pursue a PhD in the same field.

My purpose and duties are mostly things that you will not see directly – but in essence, I oversee anything that falls into the remit of story and lore. This can be anything from events, to building project proposals, to supporting new Gods in taking up their roles. I consider my primary role to be that of a facilitator – I am here to help our volunteers do what they do best. That said, if you ever have any concerns regarding Lusternia’s story or lore, you are welcome to email me at