A Roadmap for Lusternia

With all of the recent changes, we wanted to make sure to let people know what our main focus will be for the upcoming weeks. Here is out basic roadmap.

Finalise Melder Rework

We do not want to leave this project half-finished. There are obviously some tweaks that still need to be made. We have gathered a group of people who commonly use (and in some cases, fight against) the class in order to gather feedback and make adjustments as needed.

Reporting System

It was clear that the previous changes made to the report system didn’t quite work. Based on player feedback, we are changing the report system to require less politicking to get your reports through. This item on the roadmap also includes a full cycle of reports.

SSC/AC Improvements

It’s clear from the last townhall that there is still a long way to go with autocuring, specifically with aeon and writhe afflictions. Looking at writhe afflictions, they still seem to be coded in a pre-overhaul format, which causes the pain point with them. This includes modernising the afflictions, improving the aeon queue, and other tweaks as needed. Unifying afflictions will also enable better symptom tracking and GMCP messages.


Endgame has been a common complaint from players for years, there being little to do with it, the essence cap, roleplay powers costing the same weight as combat powers. We’ve had various proposals sitting on the administrative wiki to take a look at this for a while, and it’s always been pushed back. It is our intention to fully address the problem and come to a solution that can develop this vital part of the game.


We aren’t going to delve too deep into this here, but this mostly just covers the planning around ascension and the story/lore regarding it.

These are our general plans. We are open to suggestions, discussion about our current plans, et cetera. We are always reachable via message or email for any discourse, or on the forums.

You can follow or add to the forum discussion here: https://forums.lusternia.com/discussion/3809/announce-post-2960-a-roadmap-for-lusternia