Tales of a Whiskey Keg

For some months now, the citizens of Gaudiguch had been having a strong desire for whiskey. As time went on, the urges became stronger and their thoughts turned towards where they could sate their sudden thirsts. Eventually, Tremula, Letarne, Danquik and a few others made their way to see Beloch at the bar and upon arriving, met with a patron that seemed to be drinking all the whiskey Beloch had available. This loud patron talked for awhile, laughing at the costumes and fashion choices of the individuals present before setting off to find herself a costume.

The next month, again everyone within the city felt that deep thirst. Then the Voice of Gullagumbah spoke up. He had enough of this, who was feeling so thirsty that they were causing everyone else to feel thirsty? He wanted to find out, except there was one problem. He needed some traveling boots. So after Eritheyl and Tremula managed to secure three boots for Gullagumbah (quite fetching boots in fact), they set their minds to who might be so thirsty that all of Gaudiguch felt it. Tremula offered up her new friend Jade, residing in the bar currently, but Gullagumbah brushed her aside. Nobody in a bar could be that thirsty he insisted. Then it occurred to him that maybe it was his friend, the Merry Minstrel! So following Eritheyl, off they went.

Upon arriving at the Merry Minstrel’s house and showing off his boots to his old friend, it became clear that the Merry Minstrel was not the person they sought. He suggested that maybe it was someone in the desert that needed a drink and it was decided to check on the old gnome manning the sandspeeder on Dramube. So up to the bubble they went, despite Tremula’s protests that it was indeed Jade. After the group split up briefly, they found Cayen. He was a bit put off by the intrusion, but after accepting a few drinks from Gullagumbah, it become obvious he was not the person in need. He did suggest to check the leprechauns though, they are thirsty and most times you need to be drunk to see them. So after jumping out of the sandspeeder, they headed to meet with Seamus Connlaodh. After the group drank quite a bit to see Seamus, they discovered that he also was not the person of thirst. He suggested that they go visit some dwarves, dwarves like to drink after all. Tremula interjected again that it was Jade, in the bar! Finally Gullagumbah relented, with the intention of shutting Tremula up. So off to the bar they went.

Upon arriving at the bar, and introductions being made, Gullagumbah approached Jade and asked if she was thirsty. She, in fact, was and let out a challenge that nothing in the bar could sate her thirst. Gullagumbah took offense to that statement and poured her not just a glass, but a bottle, of his strongest brew, Firemead. Jade took the bottle and started to sip it, then swig it and finally chug the bottle until it was empty. “Firemead!” she exclaimed, “I haven’t had Firemead in years!” She quickly handed the bottle back, which Gullagumbah refilled and Jade drank that down again. Jade apologized to Gullagumbah and Gullagumbah apologized to Tremula for it did seem that that Jade was the one in need of something to drink. One bottle later and Jade finally revealed that she was none other than Lady Kalikai, returned from a jaunt in the void.

After revealing Herself, the small party continued to drink and share stories. Some questions were raised though. How will Lady Kalikai and Lady Czixi respond to being patrons of opposing cities? How many hats fit on Lord Charune’s antlers? Where was Lady Kalikai and why did it take Her so long to return?

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