Return of the Machine God

To the joy of many, Roark’s beacon within the Transcendant Fulcrux burned brightly into the sky, calling an Elder God home to the First World. That joy quickly turned to consternation and horror as the beacon turned a sickly green and a hole was torn in the fabric of reality, giving glimpse to the Void beyond. Soon, monolithic spears of dark metal tore through the rift striking out at the hearts of the cities and communes of the Basin of Life and at Avechna’s Peak itself. Forewarned to the coming of this incursion, the Goddess Drocilla erected a shield around the city of Magnagora as Morgfyre, the Legion turned the spear aimed at the Megalith aside.

Mortals from across the Basin rallied to the spears, sending cracks spidering across their surfaces beneath the combined onslaught of weapon and magic. The first to fall was the spear which pierced Glomdoring, sending out a beam of energy that rushed back into the Void to the unknown darkness that lay beyond. One by one, each spear crumbled, sending the same energy back into the Void until none remained.

As the final beam passed, the rift opened, disgorging a figure shrouded in the darkness of the Void wielding two greatswords, raised to the sky seeking battle. A star, sent by the god Darvellan dispelled the cloaking darkness, revealing the armoured form of the Elder God Thax. Crying challenge, Thax absorbed the star into his zingavium armour, though neither Darvellan or Weiwae gave Thax the violence He desired. Seeing that there was no sport to be had, Thax sunk into the Transcendantal Fulcrux to reunite with His kindred, the Elders Manteekan, Morgfyre, and Drocilla and there to plot defiance at those gods who exiled Him from Lusternia.

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