Hooray for the Baby Animal Wrangler!

A commotion occurred in Avechna’s Peak this month as a number of baby animals, being grown to increase the numbers in the Nature Reserve, escaped their pens and began to run amok within the nurseries. The usually meek Quillion Jones was soon sent into a frustrated panic, and called out to help.

To his relief, Tiarnis of the Glomdoring rushed to assist. Though seeming to be little more than a wisp of light, the young faeling soon proved to be more than a match for the escaped babies. With determination and skill, he rushed through the nurseries, grabbing foxes and catching snakes. Soon he had gathered them all up, to the delight of Quillion’s niece Daoli and her fellow nursery keepers.

Of course, it may only be a matter of time before the young animals escape again…

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