Dreaming of Gods: Waking Up Is Hard to Do

Towards the end of their time in the Dreaming, the mortals were in fierce rebellion while the Circle of the Deep raged against them for not accepting them as the new pantheon of gods. However, with the help of Mysrai and Maylea’s loyal servants Sebitti Silkenhand and the peacock known as Shashi, Hoaracle eventually was able to break out of the dream trap. Thus freed, He apprised the Elder Gods of what was going on. In a fit, the Circle of the Dreaming tried to start fires on the prime material plane of the real world to destroy the bodies of the mortals and trap them forever in their dreamrealm. But it was a futile endeavour; the Elder Gods were able to quench the fires and came together behind Hoaracle to help free the mortals.

In order to undo the Circle’s work, mortals had to rise to the centre of the dreaming, the Heart of Vestera, and shut down the Narcoponatrix. This meant treading through the Deep Dreaming where the Circle had built their paradise known as Nirvana. Hoaracle and the Elder Gods sent forth dreaming essence that would allow mortals to ascend into the Deep Dreaming and reach Nirvana. These manifested in the form of Revelations of the Dreaming, which became swirls of dream foam that could be consumed.

First to ascend into Nirvana was Xenthos, who was swiftly followed by many others, including Tekora, Sondayga, Rivius, Synkarin, Mnemosyne, Tridemon, Talan and Leolamins. There, they found paradise populated by rabid followers of the Higher Gods, entities manifested by the desires of the Circle of the Deep. Manipulating these followers, they were able to reach the Citadel of the Higher Gods that floated above Nirvana where the Narcoponatrix was hidden. Cleverly starting a war among the Higher Gods, who mistrusted each other, they were able to uncover the Narcoponatrix. It was Talan who, with the help of others, was able to shut it down, despite the complex procedure developed by Sciomore.

Without the power of the Narcoponatrix, the Circle of the Dreaming lost much of their power, becoming once again dreamweavers, though still quit powerful. Those mortals who were able to ascend to the Dreaming, killed the false gods.

Suddenly, they found themselves awakening from a deep sleep, back in reality. Hoping it was but a nightmare, but looking around at others awakening with the same expression of horror stamped on their faces, all knew that it was more than just a dream.

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