The Age of Ascension Ends

All of creation shuddered, as the Soulless Gods broke free of their prisons. As Estarra the Eternal appeared to deal with the threat, she was devoured by Kethuru. Thus, it was up to the Elder Gods to defeat the Soulless, but to no avail. Jadice rose up to defend Hallifax and was defeated by Illith. Viravain fell to the forest itself which was animated by the Soulless. Mysrai and Zvoltz both succumbed to the Black Star of Morning. Darvellan engaged Illith only to be defeated by Drocilla, who Herself fell to Zenos. Maylea was consumed by Zenos while Nocht suffered a similar fate at the hands of Crazen. One by one the rest of the elder Gods fell, until none were left.

As Lusternia itself lay in shatters, a golden rift opened up and revealed six shining figures who entered the realm and began to battle the Soulless Gods. In little time at all, these Higher Gods vanquished the Soulless Gods and healed the land.

The six gods settled within the Basin of Life. Aelish the Creator went to Celest. Karagash the Iron God claimed Magnagora. Frai the Hooded One took residence in Gaudiguch. Serane the Everlasting Beauty travelled to Glomdoring. Sciomore the Logician moved into Hallifax. And Luella, the Lady of Flowers embraced Serenwilde.

Thus, the Age of Ascension ends and a new era begins. What it shall bring, only time will tell.

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