Salmon Dreams

It was late in the evening, on the 22nd of Roarkian, when Magee Gladheart, granddaughter of Rocky, the tree climbing furrikin shouted out to the basin of life that she had found ‘it’, and needed help. Kiradawea from Hallifax was the first to find Magee Gladheart and to ask what it was that Magee had found and needed help with. Magee was slow with the information, but as people gathered around, she revealed that she had found Rocky’s old scroll. With the ritual mentioned in the scroll she could bring forth the golden salmon into the Toronada river and make her friend Todarro the tae’dae happy again!

As it turned out, Todarro had recently been plagued by some dreams which caused him to believe that the ancient golden salmon would return to the rivers. With the golden salmon available again, he could have some of their delicious honey-like meat. Eager to help, the group bombarded Magee with various questions until Magee asked the group to choose a leader for the project. With the support of Barrin from Serenwilde, Eodh from Gaudiguch, and Kiradawea’s faithful servant Jeanne, Kiradawea was unanimously chosen as the one to be point for the ritual. All was running smoothly, until Arimisia from Magnagora showed up giving the last required corpses to Magee, and stealing the elemental suit of seeing from right under Kiradawea.

With elemental suit of seeing in hand, Arimisia went on a hunt for Militi ma’Salmon, yet Urdnot of Serenwilde had only before collected all of the lure needed, and without it, Arimisia could not gain the trust of Little Spirit Salmon. Despite making it clear that Arimisia was not a friend of any of the communes, she refused to give the elemental suit of seeing to another, and with Urdnot’s refusal to help a member of Magnagora for any reason, the people gathered to help Magee had to wait patiently until somebody budged. With some coordinated efforts, Arimisia eventually had enough of the desired lures to coax the golden salmon roe from Militi ma’Salmon. However, at the last minute as the roe fell to the river’s floor, Eodh deftly swept in and picked up the salmon eggs needed to complete the ritual to summon the golden salmon back into the rivers!

In another twist of events, rather than hand the eggs over to Kiradawea, Eodh gave the eggs to Magee himself, getting the honour to be the first person in the modern era to assist in returning the golden salmon back to the rivers. With the salmon spawned in the rivers, Todarro’s mood heightened, and various people were quick to gather the golden salmon and give Todarro his much desired treat.

Soon after all the salmon were killed and cleared from the rivers, Todarro once again became sad. How long will his melancholy last? Will these dreams plague him forever? And what is the meaning behind the return of the golden salmon to the rivers of the Basin? Only time will tell!

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