Trial of Ascension: Rise of Lady Kaimanahi

During the Trial of Ascension, three Sealbearers stepped forward to face off for the final event: Princess Kelly McCloud of New Celest, Kalas Ixion of Magnagora and Kalas Malarious of Gaudiguch. Princess Kelly took possession of the Staff of Ascension early and dominated throughout the event, surrounded by her subjects of New Celest as well as the alliances
she forged with Serenwilde and Hallifax (though they were somewhat reluctant). Gaudiguch threw their support behind Kalas Malarious, and Magnagora stood behind Kalas Ixion. Glomdoring took no official stance on whom to support, though several individuals of the commune offered assistance to different contenders. Each of those Sealbearers held the Staff of Ascension for a brief period, but could not wrest it long enough from Princess Kelly to make a difference in the end.

Thus, Princess Kelly rose and was able to recharge the Nine Seals and thereby seal the Soulless Gods in their prison once again. As Kelly ascended, she let go of her mortal bonds and rose as the True Ascendant Kaimanahi from the Realm of Life.

Congratulations, Lady Kaimanahi!

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