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Archive for July 2013

June Vesteran Honours

For the June Vesteran Honours, Irillia won the contest with the mystery titled, “The Eepok Oolin Casefiles: The Stewartsville Murder Mystery”. In the artisanal category, Persayis won with the disturbing portait entitled “Lichseed”. Congratulations to all the rest who placed in the artisanal and bardic contests this month

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Four Lovesongs to Fair Cities

I’m a city girl. I was born in the Midwest, in a city more renowned for snow than for the wide and varied gardens, broad, placid lakes, and the multitude of bookstores scattered across the glacial landscape. When I moved for the first time, it was to the outskirts of another city, one of the…

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The Night Market

The paradigms rippled in the furious gale of reality, invisible but to the eyes of those trained in the secretive art of paradigmatics. Slowly, the realization begin to spread among the Illuminati that there was an immense force disturbing the paradigms. As they wondered of its source, a cloaked Illuminatus arrived at the Eternal Flame…

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Valtreth: Dawning of a New Light

An otherwise quiet period of meditation and uneasy waiting was broken quickly for Azula Vivalde and Duchess Sidonie Kissane-McCloud of New Celest, their reveries interrupted by none other than the Supernal Japhiel. The Illuminator of Merciful Justice relayed to Azula and Sidonie visions of a great and terrible darkness, of a power that bespoke something…

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An Exalted Exit

It was a cold morning on the eleventh of Vestian when the Exalted Lord appeared in the skies over New Celest. Drawn and grim, He called for the aid of the Architect, decrying the absence of Terentia and the lack of Her presence upon the First World. Zvoltz heeded the call of the Exalted Lord,…

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