Out of the Box: Gods at Play

I’ve met a lot of the admin staff over the past few years that I’ve been volunteering for Lusternia. Since we tend to be rather monolithic, I’d like to share a few stories about them. I’d like to talk about what we get up to when we get together to drink, to talk, to compare notes and dream big about the next big project.

Morgfyre lives somewhere close to the South. Effectively the Midwest, but the dude has this Louisiana drawl, a snappy dress sense, and a tuned ear for the dramatic that could only come from a theater dude. It’s too bad I met him when I was deathly hungover after a bottle of whiskey and three or four bottles of wine the night before. It’s also too bad that we met each other at the same time that we were meeting up with this weird headless death cult of writer apostles, AKA the folks from Everything2.

This was my idea, and to his credit, Morgfyre somehow forgave me for inflicting a drunk, gregarious Greek man and and about thirty other people who wanted to “adopt” him into the cult on him after a six to eight hour drive. We would later go on to ramble through Louisville eating amazing food and cookies the size of our heads, drink whiskey at Godmeet 2011, bottles of wine post-Thanksgiving, and grumble together at Godmeet 2012.

Morgfyre is my homie.

Shikari is a sweetheart with a razor hidden on her somewhere. Cross her and she’ll cut you. She’s so nice you’ll never see it coming.

Between her and Morgfyre, I don’t think I would have made it as a god. If Morg is the sharp-witted humor and brains, Shikari is the heart – the heart with a battle-axe concealed behind a friendly grin. When I think of Shikari, I remember chicken with her and Sior in DC, tapas and sangria in Baltimore, getting lost in the ghetto and looking for the bathroom, and chilling in a tattoo parlor for Godmeet 2012.

That drawing of her and Morgfyre with a sack of kidneys is right on the mark. Don’t cross them, especially when it’s time for student loan payments.

Zvoltz and I go way back to when we were players. He dumped me for some smooth-talking guy with an axe, and I’ve never let him forget it. For a while, he lived up Seattle way, and we would meet up for dinner and drinks whenever I was in town for work.

He still complains about the tentacles. I maintain that he enjoyed every second of them.

I still grab brunch with Estarra every time I hit the Bay, and tried to do so about once a month while I was living down there. If she suggests a place on Valencia or up in the Castro, take her advice – I’ve had some of my best meals from places she’s suggested. If her husband offers to feed you, say yes! Dennis is a great cook, and the two of them are amazingly hospitable.

I’d talk about what plans and plots I’ve hatched with the Creatrix, but then I’d have to kill you.

How about other stories? Stumbling half-hungover down Valencia Street at Godmeet 2011 with Isune, Morg, and an unnamed eph in search of a cheese shop, a pirate store, and a mural-covered alleyway. Meeting Oshea at a player meet, and Sior for sangria and chicken in DC. Laughing with Terentia over Italian and having her harass my boyfriend at the time for when he’d be ready to take it up the butt.

Fain drunk-calling me at all hours of the night. Staring at the former Morgfyre’s ass on an escalator. Drinking gin with Calythan in the afternoon on a 100F day. Being amazed at how smart Raezon is, and his quiet sense of humor. Eventru posting in ALLCAPS – and did I mention the bear? It’s huge!

This is a great group of people. I can’t wait to meet the rest of them, past and present.

Just don’t cross Shikari. I wasn’t kidding about the axe.

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