New Releases: Two Bard Guilds, Shamanism and a God

After the Icewynd Epic Event concluded, several big releases hit Lusternia. First, druids received access Shamanism, a new skillset that allows druids to manipulate the weather and tap into the rhythms of of nature itself, which translates into visions of the past, present and future. Both the Hartstone and Blacktalon guild can take this skill.

Also, two new bard guilds opened! The Symphonium in the floating city of Hallifax was founded by Morshoth, Daedalion and Eritheyl. The music skill of Loralaria has an operatic theme and bards there attach crystals to their instruments for enhanced effects. In Gaudiguch, the Minstrels were founded by Tetra, Pesukaru and Ethelon. The bawdy songs of Minstrelry are sure to delight and — literally — intoxicate those who hear them.

Finally, the Elder God known as Zvoltz the Architect returned to Lusternia, finally settling down within the confines of Hallifax. Sibling to the Elder Goddess Mysrai, Zvoltz teaches harmony and structure to those who would listen.

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