IRE Meet 2012

IRE admin met with players in Washington, DC during our annual meet this year. More Lusternia players and admin showed up than any other game! Thank you to everyone who showed up and a special commemorative item will show up in the inventories of everyone who attended. The highlight was undoubtedly when Skye made an entrance in full Blacktalon garb, looking for the Crown of Gloriana!

Lusternia volunteer examines Skye’s impressive beak.

Estarra & Skye

Isune and her Handmaidens

The Hallifax contingent

Skye, Shikari and Crow

The Magnagoran contingent

The Celest contingent

The ultimate frenemies

Lusternian Gods

IRE players and gods drinking, Part I

IRE players and gods drinking, Part II

IRE players and gods in the pentahouse suite

IRE gods visiting the Video Game Art Exhibit at the Smithonean













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