The Death of the Wyrden Glory

Descending into the Glomdoring Forest, Xynthin, the Ascended God of Life and the Wyrden Glory, came to fulfill his promise. “It is time,” He murmured, and tore apart Brennan Stormcrow, the undead guardian of the Master Ravenwood. Many of the Glomdoring stood awestruck as the God claimed the heart of the druid before departing. The unearthly cries of a beast echoed across the Basin of Life, raising concerns and fears from all corners.

Soon, Xynthin came for Rowena Nightshade. A haggard and hideous crone, Celina Nightshade sought to command her not to obey – but Xynthin took her anyway. She cried out of the cost, but soon her voice was silenced, and the Wyrdling was fed her heart. Its cry rose up once more, and Glomdoring fell silent for a time.

Convening, the Shadow Court began to deliberate what to do. Xynthin had called out to the Serenwilde and the cities, warning them to cherish their last moments, for soon He would unmake them all, as though they never existed. They were uncertain of what He would do – and as they met, Mother Night took physical form, appearing before the Shadow Court. Blame, she said, rested squarely upon Xenthos – had he perished, Xynthin would have not lost himself, and the Age of Wyrden Supremacy would have came unhindered, and Glomdoring would reign supreme. However, he had failed in every task, and he/Xynthin, her greatest hope for ruling all of the First World, had been ruined. Xynthin had descended into madness and, should he succeed, he would likely destroy all mortal life in the process. They would never have existed, and Xynthin and the fae would be all that remained upon a world rife with the dark essence of the Glomdoring Forest.

They asked what they might do, but it was too late – Xynthin had arrived and silenced her. Xenthos moved between them, but it was futile. Night, resigned, drew past Xenthos and went with the Wyrden Glory. She was not seen again.

Xenthos arrived at the Master Ravenwood Tree some time later, finding a distraught and upset Crow. Viciously, Crow attacked the mortal variant of Xynthin, cawing and biting and spewing carrion at him. Xenthos cried out in protest, that he was not Xynthin but Xenthos, and Crow only renewed his attack. It became clear Crow, though perhaps mad, knew who he was attacking. And the spirit was furious. Xynthin arrived to claim Crow, however Shikari, the Predator moved to intervene. At first Xynthin would not strike back – but as the Predator pressed Him, the Ascended God moved to strike back.

Their battle would rage in the skies above the Glomdoring Forest, and as Xynthin gained an advantage, Nocht the Silent joined the fray. Still the Ascended God remained atop the affair, channeling the temporal energies of the Wheel of the Goloths for his advantage. Shikari, plunging daggers into Xynthin’s back, became His first victim. Clutching the Elder God, Xynthin used the Wheel of the Goloths to throw Shikari through time, pressing Him into the future. Nocht, the Silent, fell soon after, to the same fate.

Descending into the Glomdoring, Xynthin claimed Crow, and pressed him into the Wheel. Beginning to spin the Wheel of the Goloths, Xynthin prepared to rewrite all of history with the dark energies of the Wyrd, annihilating everything any had every known in favour of a beautiful wyrden paradise, haunted by the dark spirits favoured by the Glomdoring and little else.

Then Xenthos arrived.

The two in the same location as the Wheel began to spin was too much – they were torn through reality, into the future Xynthin intended, yet locked outside of time. Only one would escape – the other would be dissolved into the time stream.

Despite Skye’s attempts, nothing would save Xynthin, Wyrden Glory. Glomdoring was set against Him, fearing His madness and the destructive force He would channel into the world. In the modern times, the Glomdoring began to observe queer temporal creations – variations of Xenthos, split by few and great differences, began to manifest. Xenthos Shee-Slaugh, wyrden Spirit Warden, Xenthos Shee-Slaugh, Lord of the Tainted Forest, Professor Xenthos Ysav’rai, husband to Talan, ranked highly in the Institute. Warden of the Wildes, Xenthos Treeheart, husband to Celina Treeheart, High Priestess of the Moon. High Druid of the Raven Circle, Xenthos Ravenwing, husband to Sidd Ravenwing. The temporal anomalies piled upon and, soon, they became mad. Too many Xenthos from too many divergent time streams sped the process, and they descended into insanity, some violent, some strange, all dangerous.

Killing these divergent Xenthos, those of Glomdoring and Celest travelled into the strange temporal reality of Xynthin/Xenthos, and shared with the shade of Xenthos the energies of his variant lives. Soon, he became real, and together, they escaped, leaving Xynthin trapped behind.

Raging, Xynthin would be left to perish as Glomdoring slew the Ebonglom Wyrdling, forcibly breaking the Glomdoring’s control to the Wheel of the Goloths, and so severing Xynthin’s ties to our reality. Night and Crow threw aside the Wheel of the Goloths into the Southern Mountains as they escaped from its depths, Xynthin becoming utterly annihilated within the faintest blink of an eye. Nothing of Him would remain in the time stream, entirely dissolved that Xenthos might continue to survive.

And as the energies of this freak anomaly were released, something strange happened throughout the Basin of Life. Doors, frozen in time, appeared in the Spire of Aquamancy, the Tower of the Thousand Hungers, the Sacred Grove of the Hartstone, the antechamber of the Blacktalon, the Halls of Aeromancy and the Pyramid of the Pyromancers. To what they might hold or lead to is unknown, though variously they have set about attempting to open them, to be the first to find whatever treasures or terror may lie within.

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