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Archive for July 2012

An Aborted Invasion in Hallifax

Alarms rang out across the frosted platforms of Hallifax as strange anomalies manifested across the cold streets. Hordes of shambling zombies stepped from these to attack citizens in the streets. The citizens searched in vain for the source of the undead plague. In a blaring of sirens and an artificial voice of stern gemwork, the…

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Rise of House n’Lochli

During maintenance of the n’Lochli family mausoleum within Magnagora, a mischievous imp labourer escaped the whip of Lord Ayman, Architect of the Engine with a small silver key. Demanding the return of her family’s property, Lady Ardath n’Lochli quietly sought aid from the Iron Council for the imp to be captured and destroyed for descrating…

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A Mysterious Cube

The Wheel of the Goloths became active once again. This time an enormous cube made up of smaller cubes emerged from the wheel, as it began to give a message to all those who had gathered. But just before the message could be completed, the cube became unstable and exploded into hundreds of shards. What…

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