The Mystery of the Feyranti Estate

The Wheel of Goloths became active once again, releasing a squadron of the Dominators, led by Ludlya, Time Dame of the Flow, who immediately invaded Avechna’s Teeth on a mission that led them to attempt to commandeer the blood diamond mines in the hidden Feyranti Estate. The invasion overwhelmed the estate, enough so that the reclusive Master Kinzoth Feyranti sought help from his kin in Magnagora. Unfortunately, Kinzoth was unable to muster the Feyranti forces he hoped for. Nevertheless, fighters came from all corners of the Basin converged and dispatched the Dominators, but were rewarded with only reluctant gratitude by the Estate’s master.

Kinzoth Feyranti’s foul mood was explained moments later by the clamour of six young viscanti entering the Estate’s gates, each claiming to be the heir to Kinzoth’s fortune. Kinzoth muttered something about a banquet as he left to tend his wounds, leaving the curious travelers in the hands of Roneve d’Sifal, his butler.

Irritated with the cold reception of the viscanti they’d just assisted, many of the fighters dove into the mines that Kinzoth appeared so protective of and discovered a wealth of lustrous blood diamonds in the living earth. Though the gruesome secret of how the blood diamonds left many queasy.

Xynthin, Tacita, and Sidd of Glomdoring harvested many of these diamonds, but it was Archmage Phoebus Windwhisper of Hallifax who questioned Roneve about the banquet Kinzoth had mentioned. The Master’s grandchildren each felt they deserved to inherit the Feyranti Estate and its mines, Roneve explained, and thus each were irritated that they had to attend Kinzoth’s banquet in their siblings’ company.

Phoebus – with the eager assistance of her fellow Hallifaxians, Zyphora, Nelras, and Tulemrah, as well as the interested Glomdorians – persuaded the six heirs of the Feyranti Estate to attend their grandfather’s banquet, only to find that the decision had been thrust upon each of the siblings instead: who would you choose to inherit the blood mines of the Feyranti Estate?

After assessing the six siblings, Archmage Phoebus chose to assist Kinzoth’s beautiful granddaughter, Jindath, on her quest to claim power over the Estate. Several other travelers sought to engage the other siblings in fighting for their claim, but each had heard tell of someone secretly helping another sibling, and chose to trust no one.

On a journey thick with lies, backstabbing, and deceit, the other siblings fell prey to Jindath’s seductive persuasions, offering their fealty one by one as they abandoned the Estate in surrender. With success assured, Jindath went to claim her fortune from Roneve – only to be met with another surprise.

Kinzoth’s greatest treasure was not in fact the Feyranti blood diamonds, but rather a secret within the mine itself, holding a power so great that it had attracted the attention of a Time Dame and the Dominators. Indeed, the secret of the mines kept Kinzoth invincible. To truly inherit the Estate, Jindath would have to destroy its power. The playing field, however, had evened, as Jindath earned invincibility through her efforts as well.

The Archmage’s devotion to Jindath’s cause never wavered, however, and so she and her companions ventured deep within the mines to break Kinzoth’s stranglehold on the area. When Kinzoth’s hold on the Estate shattered, so too did Jindath’s restraint. Demanding her grandfather’s head, she sent Phoebus and her companions to assassinate Kinzoth, and as a reward for his corpse she bestowed her confidante with not only wealth, but a sliver of the power given to her by the secrets of the blood mines.

Power, however, has a way of changing hands, and whether or not Jindath’s reign over the Feyranti Estate will last remains to be seen. Further, why a Time Dame and the Dominators sought to claim the mines also remains a mystery, though what their next step will be leaves the Basin of Life filled with unease.

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