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Archive for May 2012

A Great Adventure

As I sit here in my armchair, smoking jacket and bunny slippers donned, coding what may or may not be a fantastical new quest just for you lovely folks, I find my mind wandering back to my own questing days of yore. I enjoy a bit of ‘figuring out’ in a good quest, but I…

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The Rebirth of the Cavaliers

It was but a late autumn evening in the 324th year since the Coming of Estarra when the Wheel of the Goloths rose from its dank, stinking pit in the Balach Swamp. Spinning faster and faster, an aura of cobalt energy grew to surround it and threatened the weft of time itself. Before doing any…

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The Isle of Olimsito

At the beginning of Tzarin, strange scenes began to be seen across the Inner Sea. First noticed by Elodres Diluculo who raised the alarm to Celest, the entire Basin was made aware by the shouts of Helstren, the Harbourmaster of Celest, who also shouted of seeing the Wheel of the Goloths floating across the surface.…

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Tale of the Tae’dae Pilgrim

Late into spring, a portly tae’dae was found wandering through the mountains, apparently lost in the environs. After several misguided attempts to be led to Avechna’s Peak, two citizens of Hallifax, Elleiya Windwhisper and Tulemrah Shevat, responded to his plea for help. Upon inquiry, it was revealed that the pilgrim was searching for the cure…

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