A Masquerade Ball With Unexpected Guests

The Grand Hallifaxian Ball began on the 1st of Shanthin, hosted by the Symphonium guild and rife with music and entertainment for all. Conducted by Morshoth and Eritheyl Windwhisper, various events were planned full of dancing, feasting, and games. Invitations were sent out far and wide, some even reaching the Divine havens to cordially request their attendance at the ball.

One such invitation went to Zvoltz, the Architect, who was in the midst of great thought. A presence had called to Him in His time in the Dreaming, and restlessly, He found Himself unable to restrain His curiosity any longer. With a promise to attempt a return to the ball after His journey, Zvoltz forayed into the Dreaming, encountering various strange things in His quest for knowledge. Zvoltz’s order, working as His anchor to the First World, caught glimpses of feathers and other unexpected visions, but it was the dreamweaver Tulemrah who truly worked as the God’s key. Just before Shanthin, Zvoltz returned, fully costumed, in time for the ball–with a mysterious companion at His side.

Arriving in the guise of mortals, various Divine danced with the party-goers, leaving them to wonder at the identity of their unusual guests. Their conversations proved a window into their true natures: from the lucidian repairwoman fumbling around as she stole dance partners to the dapper man masked in gold, who snidely commented on the proceedings. Perhaps the most mysterious visitor of all was a chicken clad in an elegant dress, touting the title of “Queen of Poultryness” with pride.

The violins and choirs sang out for many joy-filled hours, but as the music faded, so too did the costumes of the gods. One by one, they revealed themselves by removing their masks, showing repesentation from every organization’s pantheon – even including Estarra, the Eternal, among them. The last god to reveal herself was a lovely trill lady, who had attended without invitation. To the surprise of all mortals present, she was revealed to be the long-absent Isune, the Aesthete, newly awakened by Zvoltz from the Dreaming.

Though slightly tired by Her travels, the Lady’s love of beauty and merriment renewed itself at the event with great vigor. Reunited with Her order and welcomed by new faces, Isune returned to the Basin with great curiosity for all that had befallen in Her absence, though some news proved to be more painful than expected. Upon learning of the sacrifice of Elostian, the Engima, Isune retreated to the Divine Havens to mourn, wondering at what else had transpired since She last viewed the proceedings of the First World.

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