The Flowering of Maylea

After many years of growing up outside of the Serenwilde, a familiar face wandered back into the forest. Allessa, the beloved child once at the centre of a war between the orders of Nocht and Maylea, followed her heart and the urge she felt to return to the Serenwilde to attend to some important matter. The only trouble: what important matter was it? Allessa did not know, nor did any of the gathered Serens. Sondayga, Near, and Enyalida led the confused young woman to Bandrui for answers.

The mugwump seer was suspicious of the Serens, but greeted Allessa with unusual warmth. When asked to cast the bones, Bandrui gladly agreed, but her reaction was stark. She began to wail and shriek, trying to refuse to share what she learned and entreating Allessa to flee the borders of the Serenwilde and not return! Only Allessa’s gentle persistence coaxed out the truth. Whatever the matter was, it would mean the end of Allessa’s life. She could choose to walk away or choose the end.

What followed was a heartrending journey as the Serens helped Allessa to find a sickly plant growing near the cairns. It was an inconsequential little thing, or it seemed to be. What about curing a plant could be worth the life of Allessa the Beloved? But it was Lavil who pulled the situation into perspective by telling the frightened young woman that she would not cease to exist, for all was connected. Enyalida Zayah drove the point home by reminding her that they stood with the cairns of those who gave their life in service to the forest.

And so Allessa the Beloved bid a final goodbye, kneeled before the little plant, and gave her life for its renewal. To the surprise of those gathered, the leaves reformed into another shape, that of a toddling child no more than four years of age. The Serens rejoiced that the life given was so quickly reincarnated, although they did not question the means.

Through the coming months, the Serens watched over this child, who they named Lisey. She grew fast. The laughing four year old carried in Lavil’s arms became a skinny seven year old who loved to play hide and seek. And then suddenly the child was thirteen and not particularly happy about it, overcome by a fit of angst regarding chores and expectations. She was also enamoured of Beylke, a young druid, which his girlfriend Radalise was perhaps less than pleased to learn.

Amid all of this, Mysrai manifested before the gathered Serens and presented the child with a circlet of poppies. The girl seemed moved by this gift, and shortly after aged several years, leaving behind her rebellious phase. Lit by a new maturity and understanding, she entreated that Radalise be called. Along with an apology, she whispered an important secret into the woman’s ear.

In excitement, Radalise and Lisey travelled with Aubrey and Lekius to the fulcrux of Mysrai. The Lord-and-Lady manifested once more to present little Lisey with a final gift, a gift that the girl was asking for. Before those present, Mysrai dissolved the body of Lisey, and what rose from the act was instead a goddess.

Maylea, Bloom of Serenity, had fallen into dreams within the Serenwilde, unable to wake. Allessa provided a catalyst for Her return, but the Goddess loved the child She had fought for so many years ago. She took a mortal form, unwilling to release the last remnants of the woman who died so that She might return to the Serenwilde. It was only with sorrow, and Mysrai’s help, that She was able to let go of the last vestige of the mortal and become the Goddess once more.

As for why the Bloom of Serenity fell into dreams, and what She dreamt for so many long years, none have asked, and the Goddess has not volunteered to answer.

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