The Eye and the Acorn

Ail’an Gloria had a final parting gift for the Heir of Ellindel, Sondayga Zayah – a great acorn, many times the size of those birthed by oak trees. With a whispering thought the Giving Tree had told Sondayga what he must do, and so the Heir of Ellindel traveled into the Icewynd, seeking out the tower of ice that bore no doors.

Placing the acorn into the snow and ice before the tower, Sondayga Zayah used what was left of the Ail’an Gloria’s gift – and the seed would grow. A great tree emerged from the ice, sending roots and branches against the tower until a way in was made open. Sacrificing its life, this new tree perished quickly – but the way in was assured. Again and again the warriors of the Basin of Life charged into the tower, facing off against Semau, servant of the Frost Spite, they crashed through the first level of the tower, and then began to climb it. Faced with the priestesses of Shallamurine Cathedral, they cut through their undead bodies, and charged through the winding halls of the tower.

First they came upon the Frost Spite, flanked by the Guardians Dungari and Hanili. The battle raged for some time – many warriors were thrown from the tower bodily by the winds themselves, which seemed to breathe solely to assist those who would serve the Soulless God, Zenos. Those that did not were butchered and left for dead.

Again they charged, this time taking to the northern edges of the tower – and there they found the White Priestess, Marani Veloske, waiting. Flanked by the Guardians Wiliki and Loranara, Marani laughed beatifically and the air warped at the very sound of her voice – and the battle began.

Many warriors fought and died, and nearly a day passed before Marani and her guardians fell. As each fell in turn, a voice could be heard, though was soon squelched – and as the last of the Ice Angels there fled, the voice could be heard panicking before a presence burst through the air, fleeing the tower.

Marching back into the southern edge of the tower’s upper echelons, a battle between Celestian and snowcat, Gaudiguchian and Ice Angel, Wyrdling and Frost Spite, Magnagora, Hallifaxian, Serenwilde and beauties, would be waged. In time the Frost spite would fall, still weak from their previous clash. Dungari would fall soon after, and Hanili after – and from their captivity fled a deep, boisterous voice, escaping into the skies.

With both groups defeated, nothing would remain within the tower but swarms of undead beauties and ravenous snowcats – and so it would seem, nothing could maintain the tower, for cracks quickly spread down its walls, and death began to rain from above. As the tower collapsed the warriors escaped, fleeing into the Iceburn Plains. Crumbling into the ice, the tower released what many had seen frozen into its walls – the shaggy, red-eyed figures that are the Forsaken. They would return home, climbing into the northern Icewynd Mountains.

Seeking them out quickly, many of the Basin would aid them in blinding the Eye of Zenos – but it was Xenthos An’Ryshe who delivered the fatal blow to the Soulless God, activating a power that lied dormant in the ruined City of Climanti. True to its name, the Piercing Needle of Transcendent Ice attacked the great Eye of the Soulless God, blinding Him – and then once more, destroying His presence within the Icewynd.

Once more the Soulless God lies sealed beneath the dead city, and an ancient war that has raged for a thousand years has began once more. As the Forsaken gaze southwards from their towers and mountain caves, their eyes an angry red, the Guardians of the Icewynd rally their trill once more.

Who shall win? Only time will tell.

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