A Verse, Ice Skulls and a Kidnapping

Early last month, Hoopah Hopekeep of Tolborolla was disturbed by the dreams of the Great Spirit known as the Daughter of the Rivers. When a ritual was performed to seek counsel from the River Daughter, her prophesy led to one of the infamous Verses of Magnora. The meaning of the quatrain was unclear to those who tried to decipher its meaning, but, as often happens when fragments of this dire document is found, disaster soon followed.

The Ice Skulls returned to the Basin of Life, this time focused with a furious intent on select villages. First, they struck Dairuchi, then Angkrag, and finally Southgard, each time stealing steel, marble and gems. While the cities and communes gathered together to battle the Ice Skulls and subsequently the Ice Devils that followed, another vicious and unexpected strike occurred on Avechna’s Peak.

This time, the Ice Skulls kidnapped Jeremiah Gryphta, intent on seizing the newly discovered crates imported from the Czigany Coast. Nothing could be done but watch helplessly as Jeremiah was carried away.

Why did the Ice Skulls return to collect such specific commodities? What did they want with Jeremiah and the artifacts from the Czigany ruins? Are other events occurring that may be related? And does the newly discovered Verse of Magnora offer any insight or advice? It seems nothing is left but questions.

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