A Tale of a Vortex Valve

Late in Estar, strange keenings from a valve on the Plane of Vortex drew the attention of the Illuminati. To the disgust of Arian L’Aumes, who had recently traveled through the valve, it became apparent that the opening was sickened and afflicted by parasitic fleshlings. Rot and gangrene spread through the fleshy lips, turning from healthful pink to infected green and black.

As the stench grew and the Red Hand guards spoke of cauterising the source of the rot to protect their plane, the Illuminati sought the wisdom of their own Shimotabi Xiim. With a contemplative nod, the Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim spoke of a body reacting against strange, foreign things. And was not the Vortex a living thing? Did it not breathe and react?

Even as Vuris Ama’rua and Arian L’Aumes pondered this wisdom, it was Annick Daienaisus who grasped the truth behind the words of Shimotabi and the Red Hands. He seized his blades and made to the Fire Plane. He returned in triumph, bringing fiery essence to the afflicted valve, and was rewarded by the valve seeming to grow healthy.

Gaudiguch mustered behind Annick, gathering more and more essence to heal their afflicted Plane. Finally, as the last motes of flaming essence dropped into the valve, the lips spasmed and healed entirely, saving Vortex from further infection. It further became clear that the valve had widened, revealing an easier passage between the Eternal Fire and the Vortex Falls.

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