War: Commune vs. Cities

While searching for the means to free the Holy Supernal Raziela from the bonds of Faethorn, the Celestines of New Celest found themselves in discussions with the tainted city of Magnagora wherein the usually opposing cities contemplated combining elemental forces to confound the nature magics of the communes. Whether or not an alliance would have ever been reached will never be known, because Magagora was betrayed by one of its own. Celina d’Murani abandoned her city and alerted the communes to the cities’ plans, allowing the cunning and stealth of the followers of Great Spirit Crow to learn even more of the cities’ nascent collaboration. In a bold act, the communes of Glomdoring and Serenwilde allied together against the cities, enacting the Rite of hai’Gloh Zemordia, or the binding of the cosmos, which weakened the elemental and cosmic planes. Thus did war break out between the cities and communes, the likes of which had not been seen in modern times.

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